Open Concept Living room styling.

        Since moving into our new house a year ago this week, it has been so much fun styling and making this house “a home”. Our new place has a full open floor plan for the main floor. That being said our kitchen, living and dinning all co-exist in the same area with no walls in between. All the walls were “rental beige” when we moved in.

My goal was to create a living room space that felt separate but cohesive with the rest of the house, it was slightly challenging in the beginning like all new things are. Finding the correct furniture to flow with the space brought much success after a couple trial and errors.. but is still a work in progress.

I found changing the paint colour to a moody green also helped to ground the space and separate it from the kitchen/dinning area quite well. Painting the floating shelves the same colour as the wall helped to tie it all together making them more subtle. We then pained the fire place white and added 1 inch trim white trim pieces in a board and batten style to the bottom half to give it a bit of character..I picked the already white ones to save one step in the process. I then went over top and filled the holes with putty and sanded clean after. We left the mantle the original colour so that it would make an impact.

Items in room and colours linked below.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out!

Wall paint colour : Benjamin Moore – Miramichi

Accent pillows, ottoman & throw blankets : Winners 

Items on Styled shelves : Thrift store finds & personal heirlooms

Coffee table & End table : Ashley

Area rug : Ashley

Fireplace colour : Sico – Drum Skin

Leather Couch:

Accent Chairs :


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