Our 14 ft Slat Wall was the most time consuming and largest project we have done to date. We DIY’D our slat wall completely from scratch start to finish.. so If your looking to do that than you have come to the right place!



Table Saw

Cordless Nail gun

1.5″ Brad Nails

rough cut 2×8 oversized

The amount of boards you will need will depend on the length of your wall.

Step one:

Set the table saw up to have 1″ gap away from the blade in order to get 8- 2” x 1″ pieces per rough cut board.

Step two:

Plained boards until they became smooth on both 2″ sides. ( we left the rough edge on the 1″ sides as we liked the look)

Step three:

Adhere boards to wall with a brad nailer and 1.5″ nails.

use one of the boards to maintain equal spacing, I also recommend using a level on top and bottom beside the board to ensure they say looking level on the wall. When the little bubble is in the centre of the level you know you’ve got it right! We didn’t use glue on the boards as well as nails because we knew we were listing our house. This way the new buyers can take the wall down easily if they don’t like it.Feel free to use liquid nails on the back of each board before brad nailing them to ensure extra adhesiveness to the wall.

I hope this was helpful!

If you have any questions feel free to DM me on Instagram @smalltownstyleme

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